Twitch broke a new viewership record in May

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Despite the tremendous efforts of Facebook Gaming, Twitch remains the most popular streaming platform today. This was shown again with the viewership results for the month of May, where Twitch had an impressive record of hours watched.

StreamElements and provided a report detailing monthly data for Twitch and Facebook Gaming. Thus, the Amazon-owned streaming platform has set a new audience record for the fourth time in a row this year.

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Specifically, Twitch achieved 2.2 billion watch hours in May, which is a 37% increase over last year. For its part, Facebook Gaming reached 439 million watch hours in the same month, its highest number since January 2021.

Image via StreamElements
Image via StreamElements

What are the most viewed categories on Twitch in May 2021?

As per usual, Just Chatting ranks as the most popular category on Twitch with 279 million watch hours in May, while Grand Theft Auto V s League of Legends They complete the platform with 250 million and 168 million watch hours, respectively.

However, there was also room for surprises. We say this because Resident Evil Village, the latest major installment in the popular Capcom franchise, made it to the top ten with nearly 48 million watch hours.

Image via StreamElements
Image via StreamElements

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