Twitch seems to be trying to curb the controversial new trend of ban

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Twitch in a place where content creators and people in general can interact with their followers in a very positive way. However, there are times when trends emerge that defy Twitch’s terms and anger users of the platform and this just happened again.

A few weeks ago, we told you about the bathtub trend look, which many streamers have taken advantage of to appear in tiny outfits (there was even one covered) and gained a following.

After a lot of controversy and the platform opened a section for this type of content, it seems that audience levels have decreased and in search of a new direction to gain followers, the Yoga ASMR trend or goal has been created.

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What is the goal of ASMR yoga?

As the name implies, it is based on the ASMR (Sensory Self Meridian Response, for its acronym in Spanish) category. These types of videos appeal to the viewer’s senses and are soothing and serene, usually with very calming sounds; It is sensual, then, and has no sexual connotation.

However, the new trend on Twitch is to give it an overtly sexual approach, which hasn’t been too difficult for some streamers.

Thus, this week several streamers have appeared taking advantage of this trend in the ASMR section of Twitch. In some photos, we can see the streamers do ASMR, but she is shown in yoga pants lying (very tight) on the bed and sometimes in very suggestive poses that stand out thanks to the camera focus on her back. We leave you some pictures so you can see the beginning of this trend.

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Users and banners are unhappy with this trend

It is important to note that Twitch is not only a video game platform, users can stream anything thanks to a variety of categories. However, many consider the sexting feature on Twitch to be unfair, as it casts a shadow over other creators within this category.

The trend or purpose of the bathtub has generated many negative opinions, and the new trend has had a similar effect.

Many users have spoken out against the new definition, because they consider it excessive. Although the ASMR category does exist, the livestreams who have recently joined it have done so by giving a sexual or even sexual approach to their videos.

Some are even embarrassed to say they liked ASMR.

Twitch banneó a algunas Banners

This trend has been on the rise, but it’s clear that this no longer likes Twitch and bans very important streamers from the patient scene, like Indiefoxx and Aouranth, who were also curious precursors to bathtub meta banners.

Although the official reasons for banning them from Twitch are unknown, the reason is believed to be related to their ASMR streams. On the other hand, it is very likely that the ban is only 3 days.

Of course, this is another trend that seeks to push Twitch’s Terms of Service to the limit. Sexuality is something that has proven to be very common and a way is sought to take advantage of it as long as it is always within the rules of the platform.

For this reason, many consider Twitch’s problem to not treat this type of content as sexual (such as bathtub content) without speaking frankly and saying that’s not the case.

Although some welcomed the action taken by Twitch, others consider it not the way to end these trends, but to clarify the rules, because although Twitch does not want to accept it, it is clearly sexual content and as long as it is not done, There will always be trends that seek to capitalize on that.

What’s Next? What will be Twitch’s next goal?

Of course, the search continues for new trends to take advantage of the policies of Twitch and users are already imagining which will be the next in which they can gain many subscribers.

What do you think of this new trend on Twitch? Tell us in the comments.

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