Ubisoft Beyond Good & Evil 2 is mentioned in the networks, but does not reveal anything

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Since 2013, Ubisoft has reiterated year after year that it continues to work on it Beyond Good and Evil 2An ambitious sequel that many anticipate. However, the community is concerned, as the studio hasn’t revealed any new details for the game since 2018.

The current status of the project is a mystery, so many consider its development to be still active. On the other hand, some players have already given up hope, believing that the project will be canceled or will take too long to arrive.

Ubisoft got gamers excited this week with the franchise element in social media posts and the sequel hashtag. However, he did not do so to reveal a trailer for the game or to share news about it.

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Ubisoft reminds players of this Beyond Good and Evil 2 Existing

At long last, fans of the first batch wanted to see it Beyond Good and Evil 2 At E3 2021, which did not happen. It seems that Ubisoft didn’t want players to forget about the project, so they used it on social media for something that disappointed the community.

Ubisoft Twitter accounts for Belgium and the Netherlands used a ship Beyond Good and Evil 2 In pictures to celebrate World UFO Day, which is celebrated every year on July 2 in some regions.

The study took advantage of the spatial theme of her game to place the ship over important places in those countries. As you can imagine, this fan is disappointed, as no details have been shared about the current status of the sequel.

One fan wrote in response to the developer’s post: «It reminds me of how ghostly this game is…I wonder where it could be.» Below you can see one of the photos:

Beyond Good and Evil 2development hell?

First reports on development Beyond Good and Evil 2 It has been around since 2007. However, until 2017 we have seen such progress in the project. In subsequent years, some trailers and even a prototype were also presented, but since 2018 news about the game has stopped.

The situation has turned dark after the harassment scandals within Ubisoft. Reason? Michel Ancel, who is responsible for the sequel, has been implicated in the accusations. Soon, the creator announced his retirement and confirmed his exit from the team Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Ansel defended himself against the accusations and maintained that his retirement was not an escape. Despite this, the situation suggests that Beyond Good and Evil 2 Was adrift. So, for now we just have to wait to see what happens for the sequel.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2 It does not have a confirmed release date yet. Find all the news about it at this link.


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