Users revive the old web version of PS Store for PS3, PSP and PS Vita

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Sony has planned to close the PlayStation Store for PS3, PS Vita and PSP this summer, so it will lose more than 2,200 post-service games. As a preliminary step to its plan, the company removed the old web version from the store for such units.

After a wave of criticism and requests, Sony decided to change its stance and not close the PS Store on the PS3 and PS Vita. However, the days of the PSP Store are numbered and the old web version of the Store does not officially work.

Despite this, the community joined forces to revive the web version of PlayStation Store and its use in browsers. Everything indicates that the project was a success, as players can now access the store again thanks to a browser plugin.

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The previous web version of the PS Store is still alive

Since Sony closed the Web version of the PlayStation Store for PS3, PS Vita, and PSP, players cannot purchase or download content from a browser. Faced with a possible eventual closure of stores, users have looked for alternatives to support their games in some way.

This is how someone designed a plugin or browser add-on that allows access to the previous web version of the PS Store again. This allows players to buy back and download content in a browser, without having to use the consoles themselves.

The PS3, PS Vita, and PSP games have disappeared from the web version of the store after Sony updated the platform. This is due to the arrival of PlayStation 5 and the continued support of PlayStation 4. It can now be accessed from the computer again.

PlayStation 3 and PS Vita stores will still be active, so an add-on is another option for managing content. Users will be able to continue purchasing and downloading content from their consoles without problems.

The case is different on PSP, because your store has calculated days. Sony ends support for laptops on July 2.

The impending store shutdown, now canceled for the PS3 and PS Vita, generated a lot of traffic. For this and other reasons, PlayStation 3 users have had trouble downloading their favorite games.

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