VALORANT: How do you return a game to avoid unfair defeats?

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For those who didn’t do it ready to go up in the playoffs Valorant, the player gets disconnected at the beginning of the game and spoils our plans, scores and sometimes even our sense of humor. What you may not know is that when you start the game with 4 vs 5, you have a chance to cancel the game and start another one. This is thanks to a very similar system to League of Legends.

When patch 1.07 was released, the option to prevent unbalanced games, lost time and unfair ranking loss was enabled.

how did you do it?

If a player has connection problems at the beginning of the game – from the beginning of the purchase phase to the end of the first round – you can request (at the beginning of the second round) the game replay by simply typing /remake in chat.

To replay and start a new game, all connected players and your team must accept the new version through the voting system that will appear on the screen. For example: If 4 players remain connected, each player must vote to replay the game. If one of them refuses for any reason, the game will continue to the next round.

If everyone is accepted, no player will receive experience points, rank rating (RR) or match ranking rating (MMR). For his part, the disconnected player will be penalized and will receive a penalty equivalent to disconnecting from a full game.

Now that you know this, feel free to share it with your teammates and you’ll avoid bad times and anger over the usual breakup.

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