VALORANT: This weekend is the final of the Red Bull Campus Clutch

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The Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final is a competition Valorant Bigger for students and will be going offline this weekend (July 17-18).

The event will conclude a series of tournaments held by the shooter in the region, where nearly 400 25,000 players competed in order to find the best student team in Valorant From the world.

It is surprising that the event is face-to-face and features multiple personalities from the esports scene, such as Spanish G2 player Oscar «mixwell» Cañellas, presenter from the UK, Daniel «DKK» Kapadia and Australia’s Jessgoat Bolden, known for her commentary and analysis of the competitive landscape in rainbow six sig.

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The Red Bull Campus Clutch bag kicked off in January with regional qualifiers and finals from over 50 countries. Last month, the 50 World Cup winning teams participated in the final knockout round of the Red Bull Campus Clutch. We’ve never seen anything like this in the competitive scene of Valorant. The event ran from June 3-6 and culminated in a 24-hour live stream.

After the global final knockout round, there were the top 12 teams going to face each other this weekend in the fantastic event and we’ll see teams like Bedel Odenler of Turkey, who won the playoffs over 1,600 teams and Project S of Portugal showing their performance. superiority.

Red Bull released the following video to promote the finals:

Teams will compete for a prize of 20,000 euros (23,500 USD) and VIP tickets to Valorant Champios Tour (VCT). And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ll get recognition during the event’s broadcast so that all the spectators in the world know they are the heroes.

This weekend the group stage will start on Saturday 17 at 2:30 AM MEX, the semi-final matches will take place on Sunday 18 and the matches will start at 4:00 AM MEX. The final will be on the same Sunday and will start at 10:00 AM Mexico time, so if you don’t want to get up early, you can watch the tournament final in a very good time.

The Red Bull Campus Clutch is one of the first local network events since the pandemic began, so we can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Below we share the talent and teams that will be participating:


  • Present: Ian Chambers
  • Presentador: Lovell «Philly» Cardwell
  • Caster: Daniel «DDK» Kapadia
  • Caster: Victoria «Gotmoxy» Helen Johnson
  • Caster: Alex Vancelle Nguyen
  • Caster: Ryan «Ryan Central» Horton
  • Caster: Gustavo ‘Upmind’ F Domingues
  • Caster: Brittany Johnson
  • Caster: Jessica «Jessgoat» Bolden
  • Caster: Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas
  • Caster: Joseph Keoh Winkler
  • Caster: Jacob ‘Lothar’ Szygolsky


  • Belarus team: Platoon
  • Belgium Team: PXL Sports
  • Team Canada: BTR
  • Egypt team: Anubis
  • Team New Zealand: Mama Boys
  • Pakistan Team: MAXD
  • Peru team: disaster
  • Portugal Team: Project S
  • South Korean team: VAC Kimchi
  • Spain Team: Spain.DLL
  • Turkey Team: Bedel Odinler
  • US Team: Bay Area Vandals

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