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Video games for superheroes have a double relationship: they appeal to fans of both the universe to which the characters belong and game enthusiasts who love good experiences with challenges and a lot of quality in their structure. And it should be noted that the title we’re dealing with today starred someone who is, by definition, not a superhero, but despite that, he’s a great character who has a fairly strong fan base.

It was the first time it dominated the Dark Knight at NES with a title based on the first two films directed by Tim Burton. I’ve talked about it for a long time, so I’ll limit myself to saying it’s one of the best games in the 8-bit catalog. At NES she also met Bruce Wayne in Batman – The Return of the Joker, And it’s also a great work from Sunsoft with more elegant graphics and home branded music. I left a very good taste in my mouth with these two experiences, but I had no idea what I would find with the next generation.

You don’t know how to miss Konami in those times. It produced real works of art. When you inserted a cartridge into a Super Nintendo and saw that line move up and down the screen to reveal its logo coupled with the specific sound effect, you knew something cool was waiting for you. In the specific case of Batman Returns, With the logo begins snowing and immediately comes the music based on Danny Elfman’s great track for the movie. It is one of the best introductions that you can find on the console. I loved it so much that there were times I would tear it down just to see it. The presentation of the characters, context, and effort of sticking to the film, digital versions of Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito, and the way the scales of the music are simply unbeatable.

The gameplay is very similar The final battle; I mean, it’s an amazing hit. You have an attack and jump button. If you press both buttons at the same time, Batman performs a special attack with his robe. There is also another button for using items like grapples or batarangs and another for test tubes that cause significant damage. The gameplay is very good and it is very fun to drop sentence buttons and polish the hero’s grip on the faces of the enemies. Another detail that you share with the classic Capcom is the appearance of the names of the enemies you hit, as well as their energy bar.

Batman Returns It’s packed with details in both the game’s mechanics and the scenarios in which the action takes place. In addition to hitting enemies, you can grab them, hit them on the ground, or throw them toward the back wall. If the bottom has glass, it will break. Suppose it is the opposite effect of what we can see in it TMNT IV: The Turtles in TimeEnemies can be thrown towards the screen. There are scenes where you can and should use the hook to grab the ceiling and keep moving forward. You can also use it to gain momentum and give a kick. There is another move in which Batman jumps and falls with his cloak open. It appears to be launching from the third rope but the attack is very effective.

As for the seven adventure scenes, in each one you’ll find very pleasing surprises in terms of design. One of the things I love most is the depth effect; This means that you can see elements in the front, center, and back, resulting in a well-achieved 3D effect. In some sections you have freedom of movement both horizontally and vertically, while in others you have freedom of movement only from left to right. It looks like a very simple detail, but it puts an interesting twist on the evolution of each stage. I also like the lighting effect that was used in scene 4 (the penguin trap), especially the light coming from the windows that are not visible but has been suggested. In street scenes, I like to show frightened pedestrians, as well as snow spots on the sidewalk, benches, signs, etc.

This layered design is very fine
This layered design is very fine

Scene 5 is one of my favorites, because you go aboard the Batmobile and shoot a group of clowns on a motorcycle attacking you with rocket launchers or simply bumping into you. This is a section similar to Turbo Tunnel from BattletoadsYou should avoid some rows of motorcyclists who only leave you free space. I really wanted to do the side scrolling style portion to see the car in action from another perspective. The only thing I don’t like about this scene is the simple weapon that you wield. I think it has to be something that has more impact or it should have opened up a choice between two or three options.

Beat the bikers
Beat the bikers

There is something in Batman Returns Which I Don’t See Much Meaning: Little Batman Logos That Give You Points. Yes, I know that by reaching a certain degree you can get a life, but it’s a long process. I would have preferred to include more hearts to restore energy, especially at the highest level of difficulty (obsession). The other thing I don’t like is that there are some points where you are limited to using batarangs. The good thing is that in the final battle with the penguin, you have the freedom to give him his good teammates. It was a shame that this possibility was not available.


  • There are 8 versions of Batman Returns It was released on various systems.
  • The NES version, also developed by Konami, has a similar style to Double Dragon.
  • Most of the versions follow the plot of the Burton movie, but the SEGA versions start with killing the Ice Princess penguin and accusing Batman of the crime.
  • The DOS version is a very strange point, but if you’re a fan of the character, I think you should keep an eye on it.
This is your reward for finishing the game on the highest level of difficulty
This is your reward for finishing the game on the highest level of difficulty

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Where can I play it currently?

  • Super Nintendo (although there are several versions on other consoles)

Batman Returns It represents one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in those early years of Super Nintendo. I already have a proven track record with Sunsoft’s business on NES, and while some say Konami has made it worse instead of better, it’s a work of art for me that I love coming back from time to time. Even though I own the cartridge, I love that Nintendo put it on their Nintendo Switch online service for mobile enjoyment. Thanks for coming here. Looking forward to your comments and we’ll read for you next # FridayRetro.

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