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Although we love this hobby, we should be aware that there are times when it pisses us off a little bit. Certainly more than once you have been tempted to throw your console on the floor or on the screen (I hope you don’t) to face a level or an enemy that brings out the worst in you. I remember moments like this with Battletoads a jaden ninja. I also lived through a time of great anxiety with Super Mario Galaxy, specifically in Toy Time Galaxy with the challenge called Luigi’s Purple Coins. I felt anger, frustration, despair and defeat, which turned into complete ecstasy when I finally managed to get the star. I really felt like a champ, although there were times along the way when my Wii, WiiMote, and Nunchuk devices were at risk. In all of these cases the difficulty is great, but it is almost always fair, which is not the case with the title we are dealing with today.

Ghosts ‘N Goblins It was originally released in the arcade in 1985 after which Capcom created a port for the Nintendo Entertainment System that appeared the following year. Oddly enough, the story begins with Sir Arthur in his underwear and Princess Bryn Brin having a great time outdoors, when a villain appears and… yes, that’s right, he kidnaps the princess. Sir Arthur’s job is to save her, but not before putting on his armor to face a series of enemies from zombies to dragons and ogres who will do everything in your power to make you chomp on the dust and surrender. If you get hit, your shield falls; If it happens again, you will lose a life and have to either pass the entire level again or start halfway. You have unlimited number of followers, but it will not be an easy task.

Judging by the color of his underwear, Arthur must be superstitious
Judging by the color of his underwear, Arthur must be superstitious

According to its creator, Tokuro Fujiwara, the original was already very difficult, so the 8-bit adaptation had to be more complex so that those who already mastered it in hardware would face a real challenge on their main console. In the same interview, Fujiwara admitted that even he was not able to finish the adventure in his life. It’s one of the toughest titles in the entire NES catalog, as well as a real test of anyone’s patience. If you master it, it will become a walk in the park, but getting to this point is not easy at all. Like many other titles, it contains a heavy dose of trial and error.

I have to make it clear before continuing to rant that it’s not a bad game by any means, but it does have a series of characteristics that make it not a fun experience. For starters, the number of enemies that appear on screen is sometimes ridiculous. As if that weren’t enough, most of them would need a huge amount of blows to be defeated. It is necessary to carefully study its patterns, but without stopping for too long, because there is a time limit. Along the way you can collect weapons, it is advised to use the knife to get ahead in this challenging adventure. Navigation is a bit sloppy, especially in terms of jumping, since you can’t control Sir Arthur in mid-air, which would be very useful at various points in the game. However, after a while playing, you get used to all these details. The levels are a bit repetitive, but that is compensated by the difficulty, as you give more importance to getting out of there alive than the environment.

It seems like a long way to go, but it can go quickly
It seems like a long way to go, but it can go quickly

Regarding the hearing department, I have mixed feelings. Ayako Mori’s music is great. The melody of the map is perhaps the most recognizable and memorable, as well as the scenery of the first scene. On the other hand, the sound effects are hideous, annoying, and stifling as hell. I’m particularly bothered by the howling of enemies that look like sausage wrapped in tortillas (their official name is Forest Ghosts, according to the guide). They are unbearable. If it’s already stressful to move on with the worry that your life won’t be taken, these sounds contribute to your head exploding. I find this very strange to say this is from a Capcom game, but I couldn’t talk about it Ghosts ‘N Goblins Not to mention those details.

The good news is that it is a very short experience. According to speedrun.com, the world record for a single lap is 8 minutes 27 seconds. What do I mean by one cycle? Here I have a special surprise for you: Ghosts ‘N Goblins It has to be finished twice to see the true ending. That’s right, the developers got really nice and creative and thought, ‘We’re going to put the players into the whole game so that by the time they’re done, their nervous system is already compromised. When that happens, we shoot a screen that says: This room is an illusion and it’s a trap designed by the devil. Keep going. Fearless! Fast forward!” I hadn’t played the title at the time, and by the time I finally laid my hand, I already knew this, but I am deeply saddened by all my fellow players who, having given up their time, effort, blood, sweat, tears… throughout His life saving Princess Brin Brin, they encounter this sarcastic message that is basically a bucket of cold water, a slap on the pride of an innocent player whose face blurs when he realizes he should start on. This is without a doubt one of the cruelest acts in gaming history. If you are about to get past this electronic insult and complete the task again, you should know that the difficulty is even greater. The real ending consists of a kinder letter, but written in the worst possible way. In case you were wondering, the world record for completing both laps is 17 minutes 52 seconds. Finally, the cherry on this cake that threatens our dignity is that if you reach the last level with a weapon other than a shield, you will receive a message telling you that the weapon you are bringing does not work and that you must go back to it the last two scenes to find the said shield inside and thus be able to finish the game.

She will give something to the English Queen
You will give something to Miss English

Despite all of the above, Ghosts ‘N Goblins It is undoubtedly a classic. So much so that it appeared this year Resurrection of ghosts and orcsA complete reimagining of the original installment very well with great graphics, music and settings. It was also developed by Capcom using the RE engine and is an excellent portal for new generations to meet Sir Arthur. In accordance with current trends, the ability to save progress is included, as well as challenges and an adjustable difficulty level that ranges from Novice to Legend. In the simplest way, for example, you have infinite lives and when you lose one you reappear where you lost it. On the other hand, the Legend mode is very similar to last year’s ordeal, so this review caters to both veterans and novices in the control and button-down arts. It is undoubtedly a respite and a very enjoyable experience, especially if you belong to the old guard who suffered from the originals. It also has a skill tree that forms where fairies are collected in each scene, as well as a two-player mode where the add-on has the function of protecting and supporting the main player at certain times. It’s kind of like what you can do New Super Mario Bros. U When using the touch function of the Gamepad.

Sometimes I like to do this with the NES version
Sometimes I like to do this with the NES version

Where can I play it now?

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  • WiiU (61.99 Mexican Pesos)
  • Nintendo 3DS (61.99 Mexican Pesos)
  • NES Classic Edition
  • nintendo switch online

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  • The Famicom version was the first to use a 128KB cartridge.
  • In addition to the premium SNES version (Super Ghoul Ghosts), there is a pretty decent one for PSP called Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins.
  • Sir Arthur appears beautifully in Marvel vs.Capcom: Infinite.

While I can’t stop admitting that it’s a great arcade and console classic, I think the best way to approach this franchise is not through the first releases. If you want to have a great time and really enjoy bringing Arthur to save his sweetheart Prin-Prin, do yourself a favor and play Resurrection of ghost orcs Or any delivery after 8 bits. Thank you for getting this far. I am waiting for your comments and I will be very happy that we meet again on #Retro Friday.

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