Walheim: VR mode now allows the use of motion controls

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Walheim, a Vikings title with elements of survival developed by Iron Gates AB, received an interesting modification at the beginning of April that allows you to play in virtual reality. This mod had its limitations, as players still had to use the keyboard and mouse to interact with the stage. Fortunately, this situation is now a thing of the past.

What happens is that the VR mode of Walheim It continued to develop after its release in April and an interesting new feature was added recently. Specifically, players can now use motion controls to control their arms, hands, and upper body.

Valheim’s VR model opens up new possibilities and ways to play

This interesting feature, the work of modder Maddy25, is compatible with Oculus Touch and Oculus Index. Likewise, it is also possible to use HTC Vive controls, although the latter has some compatibility issues with the mode.

So this is the new version of Mod VR from Walheim It allows you to use hand and finger movements to shoot arrows with a bow, fish, fight hand-to-hand, build and interact with the environment. In addition, it is also possible to navigate the game menus using the new control system.

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We don’t tell you more, you can see this impressive mod below:

The authors of the mod have already decided that they will continue to work to improve the gaming experience and add new functions. For example, they will seek to completely eliminate keyboard use to allow freedom of movement, as well as improve support for HTC Vive controls.

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But tell us, have you already tried this mod? What do you think that? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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