What if Marvel? The trailer for Spider-Man confirms the series

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One of the most awaited Marvel series for Disney + is what if?, inspired by the verbal homonymous comedy that gives entry into the Marvel multiverse and its variations. Thankfully, we’re getting closer and closer to the premiere and a new trailer was released today.

This new trailer has given us new insights into what we can expect from the series, and we already know a few places it’ll take on, like seeing T’Challa being captured by Yondu and becoming a Star-Lord, preventing him from becoming the Black Panther and Peter Quill in Star-Lord.

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Other interesting changes are Peggy Carter’s changes as Captain Carter, instead of Steve Rogers as Captain America, a character we’ll see with Iron Man armor to help Peggy.

We also know that Dr. Strange will be facing an evil version of himself, although we don’t know if this weird-good-looking Dr. is the same one in the MCU or if he’s from another world.

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Perhaps the most interesting thing is the zombie world, where most of our heroes get infected, and we have also seen a zombie version of both Captain America and Iron Man. Without further ado, we leave the trailer to you.

The shocking thing about the new show is that it shows us that Spider-Man will appear with a slight aesthetic change to the suit, as the spider is seen for a brief moment in action about to throw its webs. We were not aware of this because Spider-Man never appeared as the main character of what if?

We can also see what would happen if Killmonger – the enemy of the Black Panther – saved Tony Stark before the bomb exploded in front of him and the shards of his heart struck him, preventing him from becoming Iron Man.

do not forget it what if? It premieres August 11th exclusively on Disney+.

What do you think? Are you totally excited about this series what if? compared to us? Let us know in the comments.

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