What will happen? The cookie brand will collaborate with Pokémon

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We get strange news regarding Pokemon And a well-known global brand in the field of cookies, it was recently confirmed that OREO will collaborate with Pocket Monsters in September of this year.

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This information was revealed in the official Twitter account of the famous cookie with an interesting teaser video, which you can see below:

Our new collaboration in September will be ⚡️
Can you guess what it’s all about, coaches? Here are more clues: 🍃🔥💧».

As you can see, the video clearly shows a relationship with Pikachu using electric effects on a cookie, and even the message accompanying the teaser leaves no room for doubt when referring to those who see her as trainers.

Of course, fan speculation is flooding the post and they are already waiting for cookies with different faces Pokemon, or even different flavors that refer to some of the franchise’s most beloved creatures.

However, there is still very little information known so far and the only thing that is clear is that the collaboration will take place during September of this year, so we will have to wait a little longer to find out new details about it.

We will continue to be careful to inform you of any information in this regard and also to see if said cooperation will reach our country.

In the meantime, you can stay informed Pokemon Here.

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