when? The door eliminates Call of Duty: Warzone players

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players Call of Duty: War Zone They are already enjoying all the news of Season 4 of Battle Royale. However, it seems that the bugs did not wait, as players discovered something completely strange in a certain section of the title map

It is a door that, for some reason, eliminates any player who approaches it. It sounds strange, except that it is a lethal element, instantly killing any player who wants to pass through the place.

While this has generated some theories about the future of Battle Royale, most of the community agrees that it was a bug that came with Season 4.

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Deadly portal kills players CoD: Warzone

Many players were victims of the killer door of Call of Duty: War Zone during the past days. Several videos are already circulating on the internet showing the strange and funny bug that is on the lips of the entire Battle Royale community.

As you can imagine, players have already reported the bug, so everything indicates that it’s only a matter of time before the killer door goes away with the next update. The object in question is in a salt extraction facility on the map.

The door is no different from the others, but it has a deadly effect as soon as the player gets close enough: it kills them instantly. Therefore, it is better to take precautions and do not risk for the time being to cross the aforementioned door of death.

As we told you, the bug is expected to be fixed soon after the update arrives. In the meantime, we are sharing a video where you can watch the error in action.

Part of the community believes that all this is related to the arrival of Red Doors in Battle Royale, which acts as a fast travel system. However, it seems unlikely that an immediate and unexpected death would affect the gaming experience.

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