Wild Rift: All you can get in the Sentinels of Light event

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One of the biggest in-game events in League of Legends Come to me wild rift. The Sentinels of Light event covers all Riot games and runs from July 8 to August 10 on MOBA.

On the same day of launch, two new champions will be available, Lucien and Cena. Other heroes, including Rebel Sentinel, Akshan, will be added later. The new hero will come to wild rift On July 27 with the lashing of the Combat Academy

Akshan gives some action in Wild Rift
Akshan gives some action in Wild Rift

Heroes who will be part of the Sentinels of Light event:

  • Lucien and Cena: July 8
  • Fine: July 13
  • Riven and Irelia: Julio 19
  • Ashhan: July 27 27

You can unlock one of these heroes for free by completing the Sentinels of Light event. To do this, you will only have to play games and complete the tasks that are assigned to you. As you progress, you will also unlock additional rewards such as tokens and trinkets.

Best of all, the more you play, the more points you’ll earn in Riot Games’ Social Impact Fund. The company said it will donate up to $4,000,000 if players commit to completing challenges in Legends of RuneterraAnd the wild rift s Teamfight Tactics.

Six new skins will also be sold on July 27: Sentinel Irelia, Sentinel Riven, Sentinel Vayne, Ruined Draven, Ruined Miss Fortune, and Ruined Shyvana.

The surprises don’t stop. Riot said it will also launch a comic series called Guardians of Light: Resilient. One of them will be out every week during the event. You can also read it on this site.

Are you ready to complete the event?

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