Will Forza Horizon 5 take us to Japan? It does not appear to be the case

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After great simulation privileges, like Wonderful tourism s Forza MotorsportMany agree that the third best racing game is Forza horizon And this is nothing short of that, because its comfortable suggestion, its huge maps and the vast amount of arriving content, are enough to get lost for a long time on its roads. The Playground Games franchise has earned this spot, and it is not surprising that fans have been waiting for the details of its fifth installment, but those who wanted to be in Japan might not be happy.

Forza Horizon 5 It may not be in Japan

After what is shown in Forza Horizon 4 Its representation of the UK, players, media and industry are amazed at the scope of the franchise, and therefore, with new consoles, more power and capabilities, you want to know about it. Forza Horizon 5. However, there are no details yet, although the Playground team has already done or is doing their job in an area of ​​a country to turn it into a majestic setting for their racing video games. Sadly, it appears that it will not be Japan, as recently happened from Jeff Group VentureBeat And the famous Insider Klobrille, they indicated that the new installment of the franchise will not take place in the Asian country.

The success of the terminal system Forza Horizon 4Which allowed them to see their scenarios in different climate situations, made fans think it would be a good idea for them Forza Horizon 5 It happened in Japan, because it is definitely a country with beautiful locations that will be very good at the game. Of course, hope dies and it will remain until Playground and Xbox reveal more information that we’ll know if this new installment will be there or not.

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