Will PlayStation have simultaneous releases on consoles and PC? Holst reveals it

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Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, confirmed earlier this year that one of his goals is to bring more PlayStation titles to the PC. Thanks to this, PC gamers can now enjoy titles like Horizon Zero Dawn s Days gone by.

A company document recently revealed that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, one of the hottest titles on PlayStation 4, is also on its way to PC, although no official announcement has been made at the moment.

Hermen Holst, President of PlayStation Studios, spoke yesterday about the projects they have prepared for the coming months and years. The director highlighted the importance that the PC market now places on the PlayStation. Thus, more brand titles will arrive and can be enjoyed on PC; However, players will have to be patient.

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More PlayStation games will be coming to PC, but years after they debuted on console

Through the PlayStation Blog, Hulst mentioned that they are still in the planning stage to expand their business to PCs. The creator believes that many players who are not part of the PlayStation ecosystem want to enjoy their most unique game.

This will be possible thanks to the arrival of more games from the company on PCs; However, players should not expect simultaneous releases on consoles and PC. Holst noted the search for appropriate times to release games outside of their systems.

The director embodied it with Days gone by, which came to PC two years after its original release on PlayStation 4. So, the door is open for more pre-console games to debut on PCs.

On the other hand, new releases may take several years to get a PC version. «I want to ensure that PlayStation will continue to be the best place to play our PlayStation Studios games at launch,» said Holst.

Why did PlayStation bring its exclusives to PC?

The director also explained why they decided to bring their most important exclusive to a platform outside the PlayStation ecosystem. It’s all down to getting a new audience and introducing your titles to more players.

“We want to reach new players who haven’t yet enjoyed the wonderful characters, stories and worlds we’ve created. The creative design concluded with the launch of games on PC It never hurts to create an exciting lineup of great console games.

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