Will Steam Deck be able to use Xbox Game Pass? This is what we know

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This morning, Valve surprised the world by announcing Steam Deck, a new portable console that allows you to play many PC games available on Steam and elsewhere. Many are already licking their whiskers and considering using it as a portable Xbox Game Pass, but is it even possible? This is what we know so far.

As we told you earlier, Steam Deck will run on SteamOS, which is a custom Proton-based operating system. In case you didn’t know, this is a compatibility layer developed by Valve that allows games developed for PC to be played on Linux-based operating systems.

Thanks to Proton, despite running on a Linux-based operating system, Steam Deck will be able to run the vast majority of games available on Steam without problems. This is without the developers having to get their hands on adapting the games. In addition, it allows you to install other applications developed for Windows, such as the Epic Games Store or Uplay.

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Steam Dick is coming this year
Steam Dick is coming this year

¿Xbox Game Pass and Steam Deck?

So, will you be able to use Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck? Before saying more, we want to make it clear that the hardware isn’t available, so we’ll share details of what we know at the moment based on Steam Deck and Linux characteristics.

So far, the community hasn’t found a way to install the Xbox PC app on Linux. This is because it was developed as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app just like the games offered in this service. Only platforms developed with the name UWP can run on Windows 10.

Thus, in order to install the Xbox Game Pass app on Steam Deck, Microsoft will need to release a version in Win32 or some other type of API compatible with Linux and Proton. It’s something that seems difficult, but not impossible, especially when we consider that the Windows Store in Windows 10 will open its doors to more types of applications.

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Now, the above doesn’t mean that it will be impossible to use Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck, but it will require a few extra steps. As we told you, it has been reported that, if you want, you can install another operating system on this console. This way, you can double-boot (one install for SteamOS and another for Windows 10) to get the best of both worlds.

On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass is already available in browsers in different parts of the world. So you can access and enjoy their games from the cloud on Steam Deck. Also, there are rumors that Valve wants to bring Game Pass to Steam, so a surprise may appear in the coming months.

In short: everything seems to indicate that Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck will be the real thing. Of course, accessing the Xbox app is likely not as easy as installing games from Steam or the Epic Games Store. We’ll see what happens when the device is available.

And you, what do you think of this news? Are you excited about Steam Deck? Tell us in the comments.

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