Will Steam Deck Storage Expand? LED responds

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Steam Deck has been one of the big surprises this year, and while the truth is that it will see the light of day in certain markets until the second quarter of 2022, the current launch window, and its proposal as a portable device, as well as its hardware, have been attractive to some segments. However, there are still plenty of uncertainties up in the air and one of them has to do with storage space, an issue that Valve has already demonstrated.

What about Steam Deck storage?

After introducing Steam Deck and the storage space its various versions would contain, the $399 base with 64GB eMMC storage, the $529 with 256GB NVMe SSD and the $649 with the 512GB NVMe SSD, some questions arose about what would happen if he decided The user is expanding their storage space, a topic that has to be taken into account for a few years and which is always limited in terms of hardware for reasons of production costs and final prices in the market.

In this sense, Valve has updated the Steam Deck site to provide more details about it and according to the company, all three models of the device will have special slots that will expand storage, even the $399 model that doesn’t have an SSD.

Expand Yes, but it may not be available to the end user

According to the information, all Steam Deck models have a 2230 m.2 module access slot, which allows connecting additional volumes that expand the available GB. However, so far the official website states that these units: «are not designed to be replaced by the end user.»

What could this mean? Initially, the technology in Steam Deck will allow the connection of another 512 GB SSD, which will have 1 TB of storage depending on the capabilities available in terms of hardware, but there may be a scenario in which there will be some limitations in this for hardware and software reasons, as happens in modules Control like Xbox Series X | S whose storage space in the SSD is impossible to access and handle without breaking procedures and security guarantees, not only physical, but also in terms of software.

Remember that in this link you will find all the information related to Steam Deck.

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