Will there be 2 flashes in The Flash? Everything seems to indicate yes

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Sparkle It is one of the most awaited films by fans not only from DC, but from comics in general. The reasons are more than obvious, as the movie will cover the DC multiverse and its various timelines in an official way. Plus, everything seems to indicate that in addition to having Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/Flash, Grant Gustin will return as Barry Allen/Flash in the movie.

According to the gate iluminerde, Grant Justin, The Flash from the TV series Sparkle, would look like a «surprise» cameo – perhaps no longer such a surprise – in a movie starring Ezra Miller.

This is definitely a huge surprise, as there were no rumors suggesting that this would happen. However, this won’t be anything new for fans, as we can already see Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin sharing the screen as their version of Flash at the TV macro event. Crisis on Infinite Earths.

what happened in Crisis on Infinite Earths It is suggested that Flash Ezra Miller will adopt this name thanks to Barry Allen Grant Gustin who asked him. In this scene, both Flash meet and Gustin asks him «Are you the Flash?» , Which version of Miller responds «Who?»

It must be remembered that in any of his appearances in Justice SquadOh Justice League Zack SnyderFlash uses some nicknames like his alter ego, and they always refer to him as Barry Allen or as the runner.

It’s possible that Miller Flash will adopt that title from now on thanks to his encounter with Gustin’s Flash, and it remains to be seen seeing the movie to see what happens.

There will be many heroes in The Flash

Grant Gustin joins other actors who will play the iconic DC heroes in the movie SparkleBen Affleck and Michael Keaton will return as Batman, and Sasha Kali will play Supergirl.

The movie is slated to premiere in 2022 and everything seems to indicate that it will adapt to the realities of comedy bright spot (2013) by Jeff Jones.

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