Will we see a new Indiana Jones game soon? Everything indicates no

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Earlier this year, Bethesda Softworks and MachineGames announced that they were working on a new game based on Indiana Jones. Many members of the community are excited to learn more about it to know what the study is about Wolfenstein he did. Unfortunately, there is a long way to go before we see it.

Recently, Bethesda’s Marketing and Communications Officer Pete Heinz gave an interview to Game Spot They asked him about some of the distributor’s future projects. One of them was a game Indiana Jones From Bethesda, which made it clear it’s still years away.

“We just literally announced the deal, so you can guess how much time is left [para que salga. Están en una etapa muy muy muy temprana de trabajar en el juego de Indiana Jones”, explicó Pete Hines.

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Members Indiana Jones They will have to be patient

Bethesda Communications Director’s words were clear. MachineGames just started working on its game Indiana Jones, so it was a long time before we saw it in action.

When exactly do we have to wait? This is something even Bethesda doesn’t know. After all, the game development process is often long and complicated. Thus, it is first necessary to be a game Indiana Jones Be in a state where MachineGames and Bethesda feel comfortable showing off.

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Also keep in mind that it depends a lot on when Bethesda wants to show it. The distributor may wait until he is close to debuting to show off. Maybe they want to tease you before with some kind of humor or something similar.

What do you think of this new? Are you excited for the game Indiana Jones Who Made MachineGames? Tell us in the comments.

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