Will we see Robin’s death in Titans? The trailer suggests that

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It’s definitely one of the most interesting DC projects on TV titansThe series started in collaboration with Netflix and will now transfer to HBO Max streaming service. Thankfully, yesterday we had the first preview of its third season and everything looks incredibly promising.

Information about the new season of titans It’s already revealed to us that we could see Jason Todd – currently Robin in the series – die at the hands of the Joker, given that the existence of the Red Hood – which Jason posthumously embraces before the Joker – was already more than certain. Fortunately, the new trailer reveals that yes, we will see an official adaptation of the famous story death in the family on the small screen.

Jason Todd dies in Batman #427
Jason Todd dies in Batman #427

The trailer just begins with a sequence where we can see Jason Todd, as he appears to be chasing the Joker in some sort of circus – Killing Joke style – and finds a policeman tied up, with a very noticeable smile. his face. This may be due to the laughing gas the Joker produces and sprays on his victims.

Finally, in the circus, we see that someone takes several hits with a disgrace, which inevitably makes us believe that the Joker is the one who kills Jason Todd. As it happened in the comics, specifically in Batman #427, known as Batman: Death in the Family. Without further ado, we leave the trailer to you.

Among the other things we can highlight in the trailer is Starfire’s new outfit, which is definitely more related to the outfit she wears in the comics; We also see the return of Bruce Wayne, as well as Jason Todd himself already as Red Hood.

season 3 of titans It premieres August 12th exclusively for HBO Max users.

What do you think? Are you excited to see how they adapt death in the family? Let us know in the comments.

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