Will Xbox Series X be reviewed | S soon? Spencer said this

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The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S hit the market in a difficult situation due to the pandemic and the lack of some components. Despite this, they had the brand’s best exposure in various regions, including the UK.

Given the success of Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming, many believe it’s a matter of time before Xbox puts consoles aside. However, the company has stated that it will release more consoles and that it is already working on new hardware.

Several revisions have been made to the Xbox One, so gamers are hoping the same will happen with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Phil Spencer, head of the brand, spoke about it recently and revealed some interesting information about it.

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Is Xbox already running Series X and Series S ratings?

In a recent conversation with IGN (Across Wccftech), Spencer revealed details about Xbox strategy and the future of its consoles. The manager explained that they will continue to release devices, but that there will not necessarily be new consoles in the short term.

His statements are directly related to what Xbox plans for the game in the cloud, as Microsoft will bring the brand’s ecosystem, xCloud, and Game Pass to TVs. Hence, they are expected to release broadcast devices.

Now, will there be reviews for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? Spencer neither confirmed nor denied it, but he did stress that if it did, it wouldn’t happen soon. «There’s nothing coming out next year that makes you feel like I should have waited,» the Xbox chief said.

Spencer highlighted their console technology which allows them to stay current for several years. However, we are unlikely to see Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S reviews for at least 12 months.

“These are consoles we’ve had in the market for years. We built them with that in mind, and I love the technology and that capability, and that’s where our focus is,» added Spencer.

Finally, the director indicated that they will not abandon the hardware because it allows them to «create new opportunities,» which translates to an expansion of the Xbox ecosystem and an increase in the number of users around the world.

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