Windows 10 Mobile is not forgotten and appears in Black Widow

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You may not remember it, but there was a time when Microsoft tried to rival Apple for you in the mobile world. Although the Windows Phone division had an interesting presentation and quality, in the end it was not enough to win a large part of the market. Although Microsoft’s attempts in the mobile world have already stalled, that does not mean that Windows 10 Mobile has been forgotten.

What happens is that, as you have noticed Windows Central, Windows Phone appears in the format Black Widow, the new Marvel Studios movie that hit cinemas and Disney+. In one of the scenes we can see that Natalia Romanov, the character played by Scarlett Johansson, is using a Nokia Luma, a phone with Windows 10 Mobile.

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Why does Romanov use this cell phone? We won’t go into details to avoid spoiler area. What we will tell you is that it is important in her mission to deceive some of the people who oppress her.

You can see your Nokia Windows Phone below at Black Widow:

(Screenshot: MrDojoJo)
(Screenshot: MrDojoJo)

Without a doubt, this is something really unexpected. After all, high-budget movies offer phones from different brands as part of an advertising package. However, given that Windows 10 Mobile has been discontinued and that it’s been years since the last Nokia lumia came on the market, it seems hard to be the case. Maybe someone in the group is a fan of Windows Phone or for some reason seemed like a good idea.

What do you think that? Were you expecting to see a Microsoft phone format Black Widow? Tell us in the comments.

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