Workers denounce Ubisoft and Yves Guillemot for institutional harassment

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The troubles for Ubisoft and some of its managers are far from over, as allegations of harassment and a toxic work culture have escalated to a new level. Various reports confirm that the French company’s employees are upset at the lack of real changes.

Sources say the situation has resulted in the company losing important talent, which could further affect its reputation in the industry. Now, the labor union has attacked several of the study’s directors, including Yves Guillemot, the co-founder of Ubisoft.

The company is in the crosshairs of a French court that has received complaints and complaints about institutional harassment. This is because thousands of Ubisoft employees have witnessed or fallen victim to internal malpractices that are still in effect.

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Yves Guillemot and more Ubisoft CEOs are in court

According to a new report from KotakuThe Solidaires Informatique Syndicate yesterday filed a complaint with the criminal court in Bobigny, France. The lawsuit accuses the company and Yves Guillemot of corporate harassment.

This unfortunate practice consists of the constant harassment of an employee by his colleagues or superiors, all in order to intimidate or get something in return. Various sources claim that this happens constantly at Ubisoft, so its work culture is classified as toxic.

The guild’s complaint was supported by 2 former Ubisoft employees, who singled out Guillemot and other studio designs for bad practices. To be precise, complaints have been filed against Serge Hasscott and Tommy Francois, who resigned from their positions as creative director and deputy editor-in-chief, respectively, following the harassment scandals.

«The complaint is directed at Ubisoft as a legal entity for institutional sexual harassment and for establishing, maintaining and enforcing a system in which sexual harassment is tolerated because it is profitable for the company to keep bullies in place rather than protect its employees.» As he claimed

Workers, developers and gamers are asking Ubisoft for a solution

Many developers and former Ubisoft employees have raised their voices to demand changes and improvements in their work culture from Ubisoft. The situation has reached a level where players have also joined in the complaints.

Recently, followers of the study strongly demanded on social networks to stop the harassment. That’s why they used the hashtag #holdubisofaccountable. Once again, Ubisoft has confirmed that the optimization process is progressing, but the truth is that no drastic changes have been made.

“Our beloved games have been created by people like you and you deserve to be able to pursue your passion in a healthy environment full of dignity, respect and compassion. We demand change, not just marketing tactics, we hold on to each other and hope you are on our side, different but indivisible. Hidden Against Injustice,» reads part of the statement published by Codex Network, a fan site Doctrine killer.

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