Xbox Design Lab is back, a service that lets you create custom Xbox consoles

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We love video game controllers and you probably will too. If you’ve always wanted someone to highlight your whole personality, you’ll be glad to know that Xbox Design Lab is back.

At the Xbox Game Showcase Extended, Microsoft confirmed the return of the Xbox Design Lab. In case you didn’t know, this is a service where you have the opportunity to design your own console for Xbox by choosing a range of options available on your device. official site.

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The Xbox Design Lab gives you the opportunity to choose from 18 different colors for different parts of the console. For example, you can choose the color of the control body to be green, with orange sticks; Yellow direction pad triggers and purple buttons in different colors. We know our example would be bad design, but it gives you an idea.

If you’d prefer to see a more specific example of an Xbox Design Lab console visualization, we leave you with the official trailer:

Each Xbox Design Lab controller is offered for $69.99, although you also have the option to add laser engraving for $9.99.

Xbox Design Lab not available in Mexico

There’s no doubt that everything the Xbox Design Lab offers looks great, but there’s bad news: It’s not available on the Xbox Design Lab. In fact, if you try to enter their official site, you will be sent to a page informing you that there is nothing for our area.

Xbox Design Lab is currently only available in Europe, Canada, and several countries in Europe. In 2017, Microsoft made it clear that it had heard from fans interested in purchasing an Xbox Design Lab console in another country. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while before that happens.

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Options provided by Xbox Design Lab
Options provided by Xbox Design Lab

How about the return of the Xbox Design Lab? Would you like to have an Xbox Design Lab console? How could it be? Tell us in the comments.

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