Xbox Game Pass: Hint that Judgment will join the service

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Xbox doesn’t stop working until the Xbox Game Pass catalog offers a bigger and better catalog to all of its subscribers. This effort is paying off, and we have evidence that the new information indicates that Rule He could be on his way to service.

The thing is, recently, the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account shared a mysterious post. As you probably know, part of Game Pass’s communication strategy is dropping hints on Twitter for the games that are about to be announced for the service.

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In its latest post, Xbox Game Pass shared a list of 280 game character names that are on Xbox Game Pass. It is interesting to note that Takayuki Yagami is the protagonist Rule. Then, he posted the same list with Yagami’s name crossed out, making it clear that her presence wasn’t something they needed to mention yet.

So this seems to be very clear evidence that it was only a matter of time before Rule Xbox Game Pass will be announced. Keep in mind that within the Xbox ecosystem, it only has a version for Xbox Series X | S, so don’t expect to see it Rule In the Game Pass catalog for PC or Xbox One.

What is that Rule?

In case you don’t know Rule It is a project developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the same studio responsible for the series yakuza. It is a game that takes the foundations of this franchise, telling us a crime story with a different approach.

What happens is that Rule It is a game in which we follow the story of Takayui Yagami, a lawyer and detective who investigates mysterious murders. So this is an interesting story that will grab your attention from the start.

And you, do you think we’ll see Rule On Xbox Game Pass? Tell us in the comments.

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