Xbox Game Pass: Shaded Hive Roguelite Coming to Service

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If you are a fan of FPS and Roguelite, we have great news for you, well Roboquest, a title that combines both genres, will be released soon for Xbox Game Pass. The big news is that Roboquest It will be an exclusive service and will be available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC.

Roboquest It is a Roguelite FPS with innovative action mechanics that require precision in your movements. The title has shaded cell style graphics and can be played individually or cooperatively.

Thanks to the Alpha version the community was able to play, Roboquest Receive feedback that transforms into new elements and features of the game. During this period, the developer studio states that it was contacted by Xbox to close a deal and release the title through Xbox Game Pass.

what is he talking about Roboquest?

Roboquest It is set in the year 2700, when climate change and war changed the world we know today. Humans live in the desert and struggle to survive.

A girl named Max meets an ancient robot he left in the sand and activates it, knowing that it can give her a survival advantage. However, activating the robot unleashes a dangerous adventure that will take them through dangerous places like canyons and big cities in search of answers to puzzles that could save humanity.

We will control the robot and we will have to kill other robots and evil bosses through procedurally generated levels on an unrecognizable land.

Roboquest It will have more than 50 different weapons, as well as powerful technology, skills and customization for our character. Also, FPS will have cross-play between Xbox and PC.

Even if Roboquest There is no exact release date yet, there is talk that it will be available on Xbox Game Pass very soon.

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