Xbox Series X | S is the official Battlefield 2042 consoles

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It was expected. Just like PlayStation and Activision they have an agreement with some temporary exclusives to deliver Call of dutyEA did the same with Xbox and today it was announced that the brand’s new generation of consoles will be the official systems for Battlefield 2042This time, the new installment of the franchise will bet on the multiplayer experience.

These are partners Battlefield 2042 On keyboards and computers

According to the information received from Battlefield NewsIn a press release, EA announced its agreement with Microsoft’s gaming division for Xbox Series X | S to be the official consoles for Battlefield 2042. Initially, the relationship is expected to be at the level of marketing and promotional campaigns only, as it has not been revealed whether users of these consoles will be able to access exclusive content temporarily, as is happening on PlayStation with the Activision war franchise.

On the other hand, EA also announced partners ل Battlefield 2042 on PC, which will result in a collaboration with Western Digital’s WD Black line that will be detailed on July 20. moreover, Battlefield 2042 It will be a partnership with Nvidia, which means that the game will support DLSS technology and Nvidia Reflex mode with low latency.

In this way, the path Battlefield 2042 Begins to take shape in pre-launch, which will take place on October 22nd on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. If you want to know all the details of this delivery, we invite you to read the article we are preparing.

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