Xbox will continue to research new studies and projects

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One of the lessons Xbox learned during the Xbox One era was the need to beef up its first-team lineup, as that’s where it caught the attention of millions of fans who consider there’s going to be a new one. HelloAnd the war equipment a EnergyBut they also expect something more. Today, Xbox Game Studios is one of the leaders of the new generation and although it already has several studios and games in development, the initiative does not think to stop.

Phil Spencer wants more teams at Xbox Game Studios

During an interview with IGN (Across Gaming Bolt), Phil Spencer, President of Xbox and Vice President of Games at Microsoft, spoke about the brand’s first-party strategy, centered at Xbox Game Studios. The director indicated in this regard that there are still plans for the future, and whoever thinks that the purchase of studies or the approval of projects will stop after the recent acquisitions, is wrong. In that sense, Spencer highlighted the diversity of Xbox Studios, but believes there is still work to be done to add more difference: «When I look at the lineup, I still think there’s a chance for us, I would say, more family content. When I think about the geographical diversity of our studies, I think we still have work to do there.»

As the industry grows, Xbox will continue to look for new studios and projects

Later, Spencer confirmed that the goal is for Xbox Game Studios to continue to grow and if the industry continues to evolve, then Xbox will seek more teams and projects to join its initiative: “The main driver of our platform is the power of creators, being a third party or affiliate. us, and that should always be a focus for us. As everything continues to grow, business grows, engagement grows, subscribers grow, we’ll continue to increase our capacity first, it’s just part of the mission we’re on and I think they’ll continue to see that» .

What studios would you like to see when you join Xbox Game Studios?

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