Yo-kai Watch is coming to mobile, but you probably won’t be able to play it

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A few days ago we reported that Level-5 has prepared a surprise Yo-kai Watch. Many are hoping to reveal a new game in the series or its long-awaited location Yo-kai Watch 4 Or other nicknames that did not appear for the first time in the West. The advertisement, however, was another.

Level 5 held an official broadcast today, July 9, and seize the opportunity to make an important announcement for the RPG series to celebrate its eighth anniversary, as promised. The big news is that the original installment of Yo-kai watch, which debuted in 2013 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, will make its way to mobile phones thanks to the adaptation.

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the first Yo-kai watch It will come to mobile, but not all fans will be able to play it

According to the information, the address will be called Yo-kai Watch Smapho It will go on sale on July 10th through the App Store and Google Play, and to mark its premiere, it will have a promotional price of 1,220 JPY (approximately $11). After this date, it will sell for 1960 JPY (about $18 USD), according to jimatsu.

The bad news is that Yokai Watch 1 Smavo It will only be available in Japan, so it will not be possible to play it in the West and there has been no talk of the possibility that it will one day be localized to this region.

We leave you with the reveal trailer below.

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What do you think of this news? Yo-kai watch? Were you expecting any other announcement from the franchise? Tell us in the comments.

We recently told you that Level 5 is working on a completely new project. Some fans expected today’s announcement to be related to this new mystery game, but it wasn’t. There is still doubt as to whether it will be a completely new IP. We’ll have to wait longer to find out the details.

Yo-kai Watch 1 Smapho Now available on mobile devices in Japan only. You can find more news related to this RPG series by visiting this page.

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