You can now see the contents of some FIFA Ultimate Team packs before purchasing them

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In recent years, Electronic Arts has come under fire for its FIFA Ultimate Team bundles, which have been accused of gambling. It seems that to avoid further problems, the company has decided to make it more transparent for a while by letting you see that they contain some special envelopes before you hit the buy button.

As mentioned EurogamerStarting today, special FIFA Ultimate Team packs are available on the FUT Store, giving you the option to see what they include. Thus, you can make a better decision when choosing if you want to buy them with FUT Coins (obtained when playing) or FIFA Points (obtained when paying) or if you prefer to ignore them.

It is important to note that this procedure will only apply to FIFA Ultimate Team packs obtained in the FUT Store. However, packs earned as Objective or Division Rivals rewards. In other words: This only applies to packs that are part of the FUT Football Festival event.

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How do I view the content of FIFA Ultimate Team Packs?

If you play FIFA Ultimate Team, you might be interested in checking out the content of FIFA Ultimate Team Packs. So we will tell you how you can do it.

To view the contents of the envelope, you need to go to the store and select one of the FUT Football Festival envelopes. Then you just have to select the bundle preview option by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox.

Once you do the above, you will see the opening animation of the envelope and you will see all the content that appears inside it. There you can decide if you’re interested in buying it or if you’d prefer to let it pass.

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(Imagine: Eurogamer)
(Imagine: Eurogamer)

You will only be able to see content FIFA limited time

As mentioned, these packs will only be available for a limited time as part of the FUT Football Festival event and are the only ones currently in the store. Once this campaign ends, surprise packs will return.

Now, it’s probably a kind of test in which Electronic Arts measures the level of commercial performance of FUT packs. So you can find out if it’s an alternative that prevents the envelopes from being a gamble, but also doesn’t hurt your multi-million dollar income.

We’ll stay tuned and update you as we learn more about Electronic Arts’ plans with FIFA Ultimate Team Packs.

What do you think of this change? Do you think this is enough to prevent FIFA Ultimate Team from having the potential to be considered as bets? Tell us in the comments.

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