You can play the Pokémon GO title in The Witcher style before its debut

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It’s a fact that CD Projekt RED is not going to give it up the magician, Its premier franchise that has been a hit on consoles and computers. The company is currently working on several projects related to Geralt de Rivia. One of them is to bring the world and traditions of the saga to mobile devices.

In case you didn’t remember, the studio is preparing to launch The Witcher: Killer Monster, Title style Pokemon GOFor smartphones and tablets. After a few months of waiting, the company and Spokko Games, the developer studio, have opened the records so some players can test them.

This will be possible thanks to the premiere of early access for Android devices. It will be at the end of the month that the elect will receive an invitation to embark on this adventure that will transform them into a powerful wizard.

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So you can play The Witcher: Killer Monster Before anyone

CD Projekt RED and Spokko Games have already opened the registrations for the initial release of the The Witcher: Killer Monster. This early access will now only be available to Android device users.

If you are interested in getting the game in your hands before anyone else, keep in mind that the records are available on the game’s official website. You will need to provide some information to complete it, such as your email account associated with Google Play, as well as the make and model of your device.

The companies will contact the chosen ones at the end of April. Players will be able to enjoy a technical version of the game before its world premiere. CD Projekt RED defined the test as a simple title launch.

The developers said: «At the end of April, we will select the following magicians who will be able to test the game before the global launch in our technical version of the beta launch of Google Play.»

What is that The Witcher: Killer Monster?

The Witcher: Killer Monster It is a mobile game set before the time of Geralt of Rivia. The title will use augmented reality to offer you an adventure where you can become a wizard and hunt dangerous creatures.

For this, you will have to explore real environments that will become a dark kingdom thanks to technology. It will be possible to improve your equipment, create potions and weapons, and gain a reputation as a monster hunter.

The Witcher: Killer Monster It will provide action packed missions and gameplay as you fight head-to-head against powerful enemies from the series. Below you can see a trailer for the title:

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The Witcher: Killer Monster Under development for iOS and Android devices. Visit this link if you want to know more about the franchise.

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