FREE GAME: Enjoy weird puzzles on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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Free games always cause expectations and fans are waiting for a relevant announcement. On this occasion, Xbox One and Xbox Series X users | S are able to unleash their language skills with the ZRZStudio title available free on the Microsoft Store.

Free game for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S!

Today, Xbox changed the sale status of one of its titles available in the digital store to offer it free and for a limited time. We are talking about helpless, a 2D puzzle game that will take us to 3 worlds where we will have to make our way to guide these creatures to fruition. helpless It makes a fun suggestion to have a good time.

How do I get the new free Xbox game?

helpless Available for free and without any restrictions for any user with an Xbox account. You don’t need Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, or anything like that. Simply enter this link or search for it in the Store on Xbox One or Xbox Series X | Claim the game so that it can be added to your library and you can keep it forever.

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