Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will require 60GB of space on PS5

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Practically there is a month until Ghost Cut Out Tsushima مخرج It’s officially released, and now its managers have just shared that the title will require 60GB of storage space on PlayStation 5, more than the weight of the original base game.

If you are interested in getting this new version of the game, developed by Sucker Punch, it would be better to save space on your console, as mentioned by the broker. Bolt GamesAnd the Ghost Cut Out Tsushima You will need 60 GB of free hard drive storage space for the Sony console in order to install it.

This medium found the information in the same PlayStation Store and confirmed that this version of the title weighs 10 GB more than the first game, although this should come as no surprise since improvements are included with the PlayStation 5 and the new Iki Island narrative arc.

Also, a point to keep in mind is that 60 GB has not yet accounted for potential spots for the first day or beyond.

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It is worth noting that Ghost Cut Out Tsushima مخرج It has sparked controversy since it announced upgrade options between the different versions, but that didn’t affect it becoming the best-selling game for Sony’s console at the beginning of the month.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any news of this long-awaited title to share with you right now, while its August 20th release date arrives.

What do you expect from this long version of files Ghost of Tsushima? Tell us in the comments.

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