¿Guilty Gear -Strive- Junction gameplay? Arc System Works lo aclara

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Comet Gear -Strive-, the latest version of the popular fighting game franchise developed by Arc System Works, allows PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players to play against each other thanks to cross-play, while PC users are the only ones who, unfortunately, are left out. Fortunately, everything seems to indicate that this situation will change in the future.

In a recent interview with the blog, The Comunidad Arc System, the developer commented that it is working on cross-play between PlayStation players and PC, and stated that they are currently in the verification process.

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However, the company emphasized that there are still many practical issues to be resolved, such as the layout and operating price of the servers. Therefore, we still have to wait for an official announcement to be made.

With over 300,000 copies sold worldwide and an impressive record of concurrent players on Steam, there’s no doubt about it Comet Gear -Strive- You will benefit greatly from the implementation of cross-play between PC and consoles. Although we still have to wait, it is comforting to know that Arc System Works is already working on this feature.

Arc System Works will implement Rollback Netcode in older games

One of the best sections Guity Gear -Strive- It is the excellent online mode, which allows gamers to keep the games smooth and with little lag. This is possible thanks to the network code called Rollback Netcode, which is also present in the Steam version of Comet Gear XX2 Accent Core Plus R.

Fortunately, Arc System Wors confirmed in the interview that they plan to apply this network code to older games. Unfortunately, he did not name the surnames that could receive such treatment or an estimated date.

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But tell us, would you like it Comet Gear -Strive- Executing the exchange between all your platforms? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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