NiGHTS turned 25 years old; There was no new game but fans remembered the series

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SEGA recently celebrated 35 years of My voice, his pet that has accompanied him for much of his history in the field of electronic entertainment. If you’re a SEGA fan, you know that another SEGA franchise this month will celebrate another important holiday, and while there’s no similar celebration to the Hedgehog, it went unnoticed by fans and one of its creators.

We are talking about Nights. The first installment of the series, NiGHTS to dreamsDeveloped by the creators My voice, the legendary Sonic Team, led by director Naoto Ohshima, producer Yuji Naka and designer Takashi Iizuka, debuted on the SEGA Saturn console on July 5, 1996. One of the curious innovations of this title was the control of this title, implementing navigation in three-way scenarios. Dimensions provided strange control for the console.

Like time, the game turned 25, a number that often counts, especially when there are few franchises that can boast longevity.

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Fans did not invite the 25th anniversary of Nights

Sadly, SEGA hasn’t announced any new games in the franchise nor has there been a great concert showcasing their music either. In fact, SEGA hasn’t even made an infographic or made the event big on social media. The company’s official retro account was limited to asking fans about their memories of the series and SEGA Europe did everything possible so that the anniversary would not go unnoticed and organized a live broadcast. Fortunately, followers Nights They did what they wanted and remembered the franchise with many messages on social networks.

Among the many messages from users with fond memories of the game or viewing their collections, there were even some fans who stated that they play this title with their children and others, in addition to congratulating the long-running franchise, they expressed their wish that SEGA will soon launch a new title from Series.

One of the messages that stood out was Yuji Naka’s message, because he didn’t miss the opportunity to remember Nights On Twitter, he shared his congratulations: «Happy Birthday, Nights!! Do you remember the one when it first flew? Happy 25th Anniversary,” the creative voiced.

As we told you days ago, fans’ hopes of seeing a new game in the series ended after it was discovered that the record believed to be from a video game ended up in a casino machine. We’ll have to wait and see if SEGA has plans to take back the franchise and see one day Nights In a new dream.

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