Rumor: Sony is preparing for a big event with trailers for God of War and more games

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Sony recently announced that it will be broadcasting State of Play next Thursday, July 8. At first, you might be excited to find out, because it will confirm the rumors about an upcoming gameplay trailer God of WarBut then hopes were dashed when I read that the event would focus on games from outside studios. However, information has emerged indicating that the new gameplay God of War He’s still in the plans and we’ll see him very soon.

Sony also confirmed that there will be no news of Forbidden horizon westAnd the God of War Or some kind of hardware, like PlayStation VR, at State of Play on July 8. The above may discourage many and perhaps make them believe that the rumors about the new gameplay God of War And the possible announcement of the purchase of Bluepoint Games was a lie.

But stop there, as the informant points out that the next state of play isn’t all Sony has prepared for gamers this summer.

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Sony will prepare for a ‘wonderful event’

The information this time comes from reddit user QuimSix. According to the same source who previously revealed that there will be a state of play on July 8, Sony is gearing up for its upcoming “BIG” event which will take place sometime in August. The interesting thing is that what this event will include is the new gameplay God of War.

This coincides with information from Xbox co-founder Era Shpehal_Nick, who recently said that Sony will introduce new gameplay God of War In an upcoming event, which many mistakenly thought would be the case for this week’s play.

If all this is true, it is very likely that the purchase of Bluepoint games will be revealed at the aforementioned August event, confirming another rumor.

In addition, the informant indicates that there will be news about Forbidden horizon west Coming soon (release date and more trailers), but it is unknown whether it will be part of this event or separate; But the informant confirmed that this will be in the summer.

In case you missed it: Insiders claim that Sony’s next presentation will include a «big surprise».

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