The player completes Super Mario Bros. In less than 12 minutes and without watching

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The speedruns community is undeniably great. It’s always shocking to see the skill and mastery that some people have in certain video games. This is exactly the case for a player who manages to finish first Super Mario Bros. In less than 12 minutes and curious.

Specifically, the fast runner Crescendo was able to reach the end Super Mario Bros. I pray at 11 minutes 55 seconds. Although this time isn’t the best in the world, we must consider that Crescendo added a special element to his career: being blindfolded.

That’s right, Crescendo officially holds the world record for finishing Super Mario Bros. With the best weather and blindfolded. Previously, that honor belonged to sprinter Doday, who finished in 2016 the Plumber’s Adventure in 14 minutes 46 seconds.

A world record that requires 40 hours of training

Finishing a video game without watching is already an impressive feat in itself, so doing it in record time is simply insane. Of course, Cresendo had to train for several hours to perfect his playing style and perfect the scenarios.

The sprint runner mentioned in the video description that he started planning his race from May 29, but it wasn’t until June 19 that he started training. Thus, he claims that each day he played up to two sessions of one hour each, resulting in about 40 hours of attempts.

Without a doubt, this player’s dedication is evident in the shots, as we can see how he uses fireballs, coins and blocks to find out where he is, allowing him to successfully complete his run.

But tell us, what do you think of this player’s achievement? Do you think you can repeat it? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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