The Witcher Pokémon GO style already has a history on iPhone, iPad and Android

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Sounds like a new major installment of the magician It will take years to arrive, but thankfully CD Projekt RED is making a game in the series that will engage fans. refer to The Witcher: The killer beast, pure style game Pokemon GO.

The title was recently in the testing phase and early access on Android devices. Everything is ready for the premiere of The Witcher: The killer beastSo, CD Projekt RED has finally revealed its official release date.

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When will you appear for the first time? The Witcher: The killer beast?

If you are excited about the premiere of The Witcher: The killer beast You’ll be glad to know that you’ll be able to enjoy it starting this month on your iOS and Android devices. The game will be released worldwide on July 21.

Another good news is that it will appear as a free game. So you can download it for free on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. CD Projekt RED reports that title registrations began today on the Google Play Store.

The AR game will initially weigh about 1.3 GB. Being a free game, it will have internal purchases so you can buy consumable items for your adventure if you wish.

Coin packages that will cost from $1.69 to $169.99 will be offered. You can advance it more easily, but you can also get it by playing it. Below you can see a new trailer shared by the studio:

«The Witcher: The killer beast It is an Augmented Reality exploration game that challenges you to become an elite monster hunter. As you explore the real world around you, every step will take you on a dark fantasy adventure like no other,” says his description.

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The Witcher: The killer beast In development for iOS and Android devices. Visit this link if you want to know more about the franchise.

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