Tribes of Midgard is proud of all the content you will receive after its launch

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Just as Sony promised, a new version of State of Play was released today and there were plenty of surprises from outside studios and independent developers. One of the existing games was a game Midgard Tribes, which revealed the massive amount of content you’ll receive at launch.

This standalone title will debut soon on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as PC, on July 27, but it will be a game that will continue to evolve after its premiere.

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Up to 10 players can join in this game and enjoy Saga or Survival modes. The first will be the closest thing to a story mode, and in the second, as the name implies, players will have to survive and protect the city from devastating monsters. There will be 8 classes to choose from.

In the trailer, there was more talk about the game’s first season after the premiere: The Wolf Saga. We leave you with it below.

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