Will there be new One Piece and My Hero Academia games? The new track suggests so

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Regardless of their quality, video games based on anime and manga are very popular thanks to their intellectual property. Fortunately for fans who enjoy these kinds of experiences, there’s a new track that suggests new titles from One piece s My hero academy Under development.

What happens is that the gate jimatsu He shared that Bandai Namco has registered 3 new brands, which seem to be related to upcoming projects inspired by the popular Shonen Jump franchises.

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One Piece Odyssey might be the next pirate game

Thus, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Shueisha filed a trademark for «One Piece Odyssey». It is worth noting that the record dates back to June 17, but until recently this information was made public.

Of course, the trademark registration does not reveal essential details of this new project, so we do not know its nature. However, some users have already started to speculate that this supposed new video game will be an open world in its purest style. One Piece: Seeker of the WorldThe title that debuted in 2018 with the most negative reviews

Will there be a new My Hero Academia video game?

On June 25, Bandai Namco Entertainment introduced the «MHUI» and «MHUR» brands in Europe. Interestingly, these records have been removed and can no longer be found on the World Intellectual Property Organization website.

As you might expect, the nature of these projects is hard to guess because the brand names are just acronyms. However, the gate jimatsu Comment that it could be games related to My hero academy.

This theory appears to coincide with a recent rumor that Bandai Namco and Arc System Works were working on a title My hero academy very similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Either way, it should be remembered that these are just guesswork and the only thing we know is that there are trademarks registered by Bandai Namco. For this reason, we must arm ourselves with patience and wait for the company to provide more information on this subject.

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But tell us, would you like to watch a new game from One piece a My hero academy? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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