16 years later, the original dubbing of The Simpsons returns with Humberto Vélez and more

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The Simpsons It is one of the most iconic anime series in history and has been a huge hit in Latin America. One of the reasons this happened was because of the first voice cast that injected the characters with charisma and personality. This is why many will be happy to know that the main members of the original dubbing are back to record a special from Disney+.

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Shown for the first time today Tayeb, Bart and Loki, a special chapter of The Simpsons Which, as the name suggests, is a crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What I love about the special is that it served as a signal for the return of Humberto Vélez (Homero); Claudia Motta (Bart) and Patricia Acevedo (Lisa) as voice actors for The Simpsons.

Don’t you believe us? You can see the credits below:

It’s important to be clear, so far, Disney hasn’t commented on this. That is why it is not yet clear whether Humberto Velez, Claudia Motta and Patricia Acevedo will return to the dubbing crew. The Simpsons It’s something permanent or just because of that special and that’s it.

We’ll be up to date and let you know if it’s confirmed that we’ll see the original cast The Simpsons In more episodes of this animated series.

Why did the dubbing team stop working? The Simpsons?

In case you didn’t know, Humberto Vélez and his colleagues stopped working at توقف The Simpsons in 2005. All this was due to a dispute between the Grabaciones y Doblajes Internacionales and the Asociación Nacional de Actores (ANDA), a Mexican association of the representative and artistic federation operating in the country.

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Since then, the actor who played Homero is Victor Manuel Espinosa. In fact, with the season 31 premiere, he became the actor who voiced Homer Simpson in most episodes. Despite this, many fans continue to see Velez as the official voice of the character in the region, so his return is news that has pleased many.

And you, would you love to hear back from Humberto Velez, Claudia Motta and Patricia Acevedo on an episode of The Simpsons? Tell us in the comments.

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