Call of Duty Warzone: The Best Accessories for Fink in Season 4

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Weapon description for Call of Duty: War Zone Season 4 saw the brilliance of several SMGs, such as the AS VAL, the CR-56 AMAX and the always faithful MP5, which so far have managed to maintain their position as candidates. However, this time we offer you a less popular suggestion: Fennec. We will recommend it with all its accessories.

Some clips appeared online of players smashing equipment with this weapon. Here, an example of its strength:

How to equip Fennec in Warzone?

The best feature of the Fennec is its lethal accuracy, as well as being one of the SMGs with the best rate of fire. Recoil is almost zero, even without providing it with attachments. With the right accessories it becomes a medium and short distance laser cutter.

Despite its lethal ability, this should be your secondary weapon, and we recommend that your primary weapon be a rifle with which you can do long-range damage.

  • Barrel: ZLR18 “Deadfall
  • Under Cannon: Merc Foregrip
  • Embonadora: dotted grip tape
  • Laser: laser tak
  • Munición: 40 round drum cups

At the heart of this funk is the Deadfall ZLR18 cannon, which increases damage, bullet speed and recoil control; In addition, this supplement has a built-in blocker. When fighting in close quarters, the cannon and laser will help you shoot from the hip with great accuracy.

Finally, the Merc’s low-barreled barrel will completely eliminate even the slightest recoil and the forty-round magazine will help you secure more than one kill before reloading.

Tell us how you did on the battlefield with this setup.

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