Cory Barlog, Director of God of War, advocates for difficulty options in games

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Despite the fact that the video game industry already has many decades behind it, difficulty in gaming remains a controversial issue for many gamers. And the above is not surprising, as it is very difficult for developers to offer a challenging and, at the same time, accessible experience for beginners. In this way, Corey Barlog once again expressed his opinion on the issue.

What happens is that Tamour Hussain, a well-known journalist at the gate Jamespot, used his Twitter account to criticize those who use From Software projects as arguments for criticizing accessibility in video games.

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“I hate it when From Software games are cited in arguments against making games more accessible or even easier. I think using Evil spiritsAnd the blood borne a Axe To that end, it is an insult to the games and the people who made them and simply shows a lack of understanding of what makes them special,” Tamour Hussain commented on Twitter.

Cory Barlog joins the conversation and causes controversy

Undoubtedly, Tamour Hussein’s words were able to resonate with Cory Barlog, Director of God of War, who wanted to contribute his grain of sand to the conversation.

Thus, the creator, who previously admitted that he plays with ease, favored accessibility options in video games, as he asserted that people who do not need them can ignore them while another sector will benefit from them.

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«It’s like someone saying they like a building just because it has stairs. The elevator and the ramps make it so easy. So, keep going up the stairs and ignore the elevator and the ramps.» Cory Barlog replied, «The fun is still there, only now it’s accessible to everyone and not to some of them.» «.

Additionally, the creative complemented his previous comment and emphasized that the lift is not an easy mode, but an accessibility option and added, «Difficulty options are always, in my opinion, the developer’s domain.»

As expected, the creator’s words caused mixed reactions in society. While some fans agreed with him, others emphasized that these difficulty choices could influence the author’s vision.

Among the people in the latter group we can find David Scott Jaffe, the developer who was involved in twisted metal s God of War, who used the metaphor of Corey Barlog to share a point of view.

“Doesn’t it depend on the purpose of the building? If the stairs are lined with pictures of all the damage capitalism does, so you have to walk alongside them every day to get to your office, but elevators let you skip pictures, wouldn’t the easy version be harmful? Seeing?” commented David Jaffe.

In any case, there is no doubt that the issue of difficulty in video games will be debated for many years, as there is no clear and correct answer for all cases.

But tell us, do you agree with Cory Barlog’s words? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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