The new Mobile Suit Gundam video game looks very similar to Overwatch

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Gundam suit mobile It is undoubtedly one of the most famous and influential animated series in history, so it is no surprise that it has so many video games behind it. However, the latest title of this popular wicks franchise gives a lot to talk about on social networks, as it is accused of plagiarism.

What happens is that Bandai Namco has revealed the existence of Gundam evolution, a free hero shooting game that will be available for PC sometime in 2022 in different regions of the world. However, it didn’t take long for fans to notice the similarities to the popular Blizzard title.

Next, we share with you the first teaser for Gundam evolution:

Scientific theft? Gundam Evolution has a lot of Overwatch items

No, we didn’t put a trailer for Note and watch by mistake. In fact, what I saw was the first official preview of Gundam evolution. And yes, there are a lot of similarities to the hit video game Blizzard.

The similarities are not limited to aspects of the gameplay, because the visual elements also, such as colors and user interface, are almost identical to those that we can find in Note and watch.

Keep in mind that the above isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Bandai Namco game looks really fun, but it is undeniable that many features that made Bandai Namco famous Note and watch They are here.

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Bandai Namco has already launched a website where it details some elements of the video game. So, we already know that there will be a total of 12 Gundam suits, which will have their own weapons and abilities. Similarly, at the moment, 3 game modes have been confirmed: Point Capture, Domination and Destruction.

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Finally, PC gamers in Japan can now enter the website to register for the first beta test, which will take place on August 8 and 9. For its part, the company will hold a special broadcast on Saturday, July 17, in which it will reveal more details about this controversial title.

But tell us, do you think it’s a copy of Note and watch? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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