Did someone say drift? The Joy-Con of the OLED Switch will be the same as the original switch

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The Nintendo Switch OLED is real and has some interesting improvements, although in other departments it leaves a lot to be desired. Many have wondered if the Joy-Con would make some kind of improvement with this review, but the answer is no.

newly, ribbed I contacted Nintendo of America to ask if the Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-Con will see any changes beyond color. Unfortunately, the company’s response has been negative, so you shouldn’t expect them to be more comfortable or anything like that.

“Configuration and functionality of the Joy-Con controls have not changed with the Nintendo Switch system (OLED model). The configuration and functions are the same as the Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch,” said a Nintendo spokesperson.

This news also means that you can use the Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-Con on any other Nintendo Switch model without a problem. This also means that you can use your favorite Joy-Con to review the console without having to worry about getting uncomfortable or losing any functionality.

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The Nintendo Switch OLED with the Joy-Con You Already Knows
The Nintendo Switch OLED with the Joy-Con You Already Knows

Did someone say drift?

This is news that will undoubtedly disappoint more than one. After all, the Joy-Con was one of the most criticized points in the design of the Nintendo Switch and reviewing the console was the perfect way to fix it.

In case you didn’t know, there is an issue called drift that causes the stick to send commands to the console, even though the user hasn’t moved it. It’s a really annoying issue that forces you to change your controls or unlock them to fix it.

The drift problem was such a headache that they sued Nintendo for this design flaw. Nintendo has only realized that the problem exists, but it doesn’t seem like it’s serious enough to solve it.

Once the Nintendo Switch OLED hits the market, we can see if Nintendo hasn’t really made any changes or if they’d simply prefer not to acknowledge the presence of the Joy-Con drift on this occasion. With that said, we think you should keep your expectations low and don’t see this review as the end of the infamous issue.

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This is Joy-Con Drift (via Geek Culture)
This is Joy-Con Drift (via Geek Culture)

What do you think of this new? Were you expecting the Nintendo Switch OLED to improve the Joy-Con? Tell us in the comments.

The Nintendo Switch OLED will go on sale on October 8 and will cost $349.99. You can learn more about our Nintendo Switch review by clicking here.

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