Have you already updated it? Nintendo releases a new update for the Switch

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From previous generations, updates are an important part of consoles because they are not only responsible for changes and improvements to provide stability, but also offer new options, at times, in addition to being the way companies check that everything is OK. of software and system security has not been compromised. If you own a Switch, it’s time to update your console.

Switch switches to version 12.1.0

A few moments ago, Nintendo released the new update for the Switch, which brings the console version 12.1.0 and this time it brings the traditional changes and improvements to provide system stability and user experience along with a small change, but this could mean a lot, especially if you are one of those who fill Console storage space because you want all or most of your games at your disposal.

In this sense, Switch version 12.1.0 will allow you to handle old game data in case you need space, either in the console’s internal storage, which has 32GB although it’s actually less to boot, or on a Micro SD card. According to the information, if you need more space, it will be enough to go to the data management of the game when there is an update and the option to delete the old data will appear, that is, those corresponding to previous versions. Once you download and install the latest update, you can play.

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