It was time! These Twitch features finally made their way to YouTube

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Despite the strong efforts of its competitors, Twitch remains the most popular streaming platform in the market. However, YouTube does not want to be left behind and has announced 3 new features that content creators can take advantage of in their live broadcasts.

YouTube Live users will now be able to use these three new features

Specifically, YouTube revealed that clips, exclusive chats of subscribers, and polls are already available on the platform. Of course, it’s no secret that features like this have been around for a long time on Twitch, so it’s good to know that they will eventually be available to all content creators no matter where they stream.

Thus, video game broadcasters with at least 1,000 subscribers will be able to enable clips, a function that will allow broadcast viewers to clip a segment, which can last between 5 to 60 seconds, and share it on the platform.

image via google
image via google

On the other hand, subscriber-only conversations are exactly what they sound like. Thus, all content creators will be able to enable this feature, which will only allow those who subscribe to comment on live broadcasts and video premieres.

Additionally, Live Broadcasters may indicate the minimum amount of time required to subscribe to a channel before being able to comment in a chat. Of course, this feature will be very useful in mitigating interactions between community members and thus reducing toxicity.

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image via google

Finally, the latest feature coming to YouTube is real-time polls. Thus, users will now be able to know the opinion of their followers in a simple and quick way, which will speed up the decision-making process.

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image via google

It will be interesting to see if these features catch the community’s attention. In the meantime, it’s good to know that YouTube is still trying to improve the platform and offer creators more options, which always translates to better quality live streaming.

But tell us, what do you think of these new tools? Are you planning to use any of them? Let’s read to you in the comments.

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