Meet Sword and Fairy 7, the new RPG for PC that will use Ray Tracing

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We have good news for all RPG fans, as a new trailer for Sword and Fairy 7, the new installment of the veteran RPG franchise, which will improve its appearance thanks to ray tracing using NVIDIA technology.

The seventh installment of the saga is being developed by the Chinese studio Softstar Technology and it is planned to release the same in 2021 on PC, through Steam.

If you haven’t heard about this franchise, we can tell you that its first title was launched in 1995, and although it is not widely recognized in the West, in Japan it is a phenomenon in both cash and sales, in addition to having many benefits Episodic and even with the TV series.

Now, those responsible for Sword and Fairy 7 They just shared a new trailer that shows us how impressive the new title will look and the results they get thanks to using Ray Tracing, which makes it look amazing.

Here you can see it:

Sword and Fairy 7 It will allow you to live a great adventure focusing on the problems that exist between humans, monsters and demons, all while enjoying beautiful scenarios and fighting in third person and real time.

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If you want to try this game, we invite you to download the demo already available on Steam, although it is important to note that it does not yet have an English subtitle, but it is expected that it will be added in its final version.

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