Minecraft has become an adult game in South Korea

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The longer we play in the West, the more our records and records easily diminish compared to the hours we spend in some Asian countries, especially those online experiences. One of the most played titles around the world is Maine Craft And of course it has a large community, for example in South Korea, but the latest decision threatened the scene.

Do you want to play Maine Craft in South Korea? You must be of legal age

Information about Gamesindustry.biz He revealed that in these moments, Maine Craft It’s an adults-only game in South Korea, after that country’s authorities tightened measures limiting playing hours for minors, especially at night. According to the report, the problem is that Maine Craft It is a game rated for over 12 years according to the South Korean Games Management and Rating Committee, however, in recent days, Microsoft has informed users of this country that it is necessary to have and register for an Xbox Live account to play, but in this case, you must be 19 years old or More to register and login.

Microsoft’s decision surprised players Maine Craft in South Korea

Even before Microsoft made that decision, users Maine Craft In South Korea, they can log in and connect to the game from their Mojang accounts, which does not require age verification. However, the obligatory nature of using Xbox Live to play has surprised the scene. Maine Craft In this Asian country.

So far, the restrictions have persisted and the community’s response has been through a petition to the South Korean government asking to do something about it and saying: «The game market in Korea is in danger of being the only place in the world where Maine Craft It is classified as an adult game.

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