Overwatch: How to get the legendary skin of Ana Haroeris

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Everyone’s favorite sniper, support, and veteran will get legendary skin. The company released a Haroeris skin for Ana and with her they want to celebrate the Summer Showdown tournament in Note and watch. And best of all, it’s now available!

Anna has good sides, but this literal new one shines and it will undoubtedly be one of your favorites. The shield is golden and you will find feather motifs and some cool gloves on it. The roe is now a group of large feathers that flow with the wind. Even if you pay a little attention, you will notice that he has a small bird on the end of his rifle.

In Egyptian mythology, Haroeris is the original manifestation of Horus, the god of heaven. The latter is one of the most famous Egyptian deities, he bears the head of a falcon and controls the sky. Horus also has an eye, which is a perfect match for Anna, and for his part, Haroerois was the god of light and became Horus after becoming lonely as an old man. Once again, this is specifically for Ana who rose from the dead to help Overwatch once again.

This shiny skin will be available until July 19, and you can get it for 200 Overwatch League Tokens. You can get these tokens by watching the Overwatch League matches or you can get 100 tokens for $5.

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